Operation Stack: M20 MUST stay open

As we saw two summers ago, closing the M20 during Operation Stack has a terrible impact on Kent, with roads brought to a standstill, businesses unable to function and patients delayed getting to hospital.

Take my survey on mobile and broadband coverage

I recently tested out Ofcom's new checker on mobile and broadband availability, but it told me that areas with poor coverage like Headcorn and Doddington received 4G mobile and superfast broadband.

Solar Farm: I'm shocked at the scale of the proposal

I am shocked by the scale of the proposal to build a huge solar farm at Cleve Hill, covering Graveney marshes with panels. I am keen to see more of our energy coming from renewable sources, and I welcome clean, cheap, unsubsidised energy.

New school MUST open by 2019

Every child deserves the chance to go to a good school – and preferably a good school close to home. We have some fantastic local schools but with more school-age children, there’s increasing competition for places.

Stop East Kent Recycling Plant expanding

Expansion of the Recycling Works at Oare could mean thousands more lorries driving through Oare, Ospringe and Davington. There are already too many lorries thundering through these villages, rattling homes and historic buildings and contributing to pollution.

Should PIP assessments be recorded?

People often tell me that being assessed for Personal Independence Payment is an extremely stressful. In my view, recording these assessments could help ease the stress, and provide crucial evidence when the outcome of these assessments is disputed.

Illegally parked lorries to be clamped and fined

Kent County Council and Ashford Borough Council are clamping down on illegally parked HGVs, following my campaign for a ban on fly-parking.

The new scheme being launched today will allow authorities to clamp and fine drivers, for first time offences.