Countdown to Brexit

In 284 days Britain will leave the EU. Last week Parliament debated a Bill that will make sure that when the sun rises in 284 days’ time businesses can carry on operating, workers will have the same rights, and consumers will be protected by the same regulations.

What to do when your house is flooded

After a dry couple of weeks, the forecast of rain seemed a good thing for gardens and fields. As the children and I watched the road outside our house turn into a river, it still all seemed part of the fun. Then the water started coming in the back door, and we began bailing and mopping.

University: The best years of your life?

University is presented to young people as “the best years of your life”, and many students have a great time, as well as success in their studies - but for some it can be stressful, lonely and unhappy.

Preparing for Brexit at the border

With 5,000 lorries arriving in Kent every day from mainland Europe, and another 5,000 leaving, delays at the border will quickly lead to queues forming on both sides of the channel. It’s in the EU’s interest to avoid that, just as it’s in ours – but in any event, we need to be prepared.