Local schools are running out of space

We are running out of space in local schools. So much for the aspiration for more children to walk to school; some parents are having to drive their children half way round Maidstone to reach their allocated primary school.

Kent is getting a medical school!

Kent is getting a medical school. This is truly fantastic news. A medical school will make all the difference to healthcare in our area. In recent years it’s been difficult to attract doctors to work in our local hospitals, especially A&Es.

Celebrating women in politics

There was everything you’d expect at a Women’s Institute meeting: tea, cakes, sandwiches - even some supportive men – gathered in Harrietsham village hall last Saturday. But there’s so much more to the WI than Jam and Jerusalem.

Let's get on with Brexit

“Just get on with it,” is the phrase you hear most often when talking to people about Brexit, whatever way they voted in the referendum. Britain voted to leave and there’s no going back.

Farmers need fruit pickers

With fields in my Kent constituency currently blanketed in snow—as is the case, I am sure, for pretty much all of us—the pleasures of summer strawberries and autumn fruits seem rather far off, but that is certainly not the case for our fruit and vegetable growers.

We need to understand why so many children are unhappy

A generation of children are facing a mental health crisis. More and more young people are feeling anxious, depressed and having low self-esteem. It’s thought that as many as one in ten children has a diagnosable mental health condition and referrals to specialist treatment are on the rise.