Bringing British Nationals home

Coronavirus is a global pandemic. It requires an international response and the Government is stepping up to this challenge.

The UK’s international strategy has four main strands:

  • To support the return of British Nationals who are otherwise at risk being stranded
  • To help the most vulnerable countries become more resilient
  • To pursue a vaccine
  • To keep open vital trade routes and supply chains, including for food and medicines

I’ve been contacted by a number of constituents about returning to the UK during this crisis.

We face a constantly changing picture, based on restrictions on travel and lockdown in countries across the globe, sometimes with no notice at all. For example, between 22-24 March, 80 countries places restrictions on their borders.

Foreign Office travel advice strongly urges British Nationals who are currently overseas, but living in the UK, to return home as soon as possible. Guidance is available here. Country specific advice can be found here. For specific help and advice, contact 020 7008 1500.

The Government is providing £75 million to charter flights to priority countries, operated by commercial airlines, and emergency loans are available to support repatriation.

Our diplomats are working round the clock to bring people home.