A2/A251 upgrade must make life better for everyone using this junction

I’m delighted that Kent County Council has come forward with plans to improve the junction between the A2 and A251 in Faversham.

This well-known local bottleneck badly needs an upgrade, and I’m pleased that £1.7 million had been secured to improve the junction.

However, I’m concerned that not enough thought has been given to cyclists and pedestrians in the current plans.

I know a number of local residents and groups think the proposals are too “car heavy”. Whilst any work at this junction clearly needs to make journeys better for cars and lorries, we should look at how we can make things better for all road users and people who walk into town.

I’ve contacted Kent County Council as part of their consultation on the proposals, to urge them to make the new junction friendly for cyclists and easy for people to cross – this is particularly important with more houses being built along the A251.

People are also concerned about the lack of a ground-level crossing on the A2 by the Abbey School. I’ve called on KCC to renew efforts to address this problem, as well as looking to improve the junction between the A2 and A251.