Supporting our local NHS

Healthcare affects us all, whether we’re patients ourselves or our families and friends. As a parent, I make regular trips to the GP with my children and occasional visits to A&E too.

The major hospitals around this area are all in difficulties and many GPs are full to bursting, with patients queuing at 8am for appointments. The future of Faversham Minor Injuries Unit is uncertain (as I write).

Our local health services are not alone; GPs and hospitals around the country are struggling to cope. Although every year the NHS provides millions of people with excellent care, shocking cases have emerged where patients have been treated appallingly.

It’s easy to be critical but not necessarily helpful. I will champion our local NHS, work for good decisions and a fair share of funding. I use these services too. I want the NHS to provide excellent care to everyone who needs it.



Minister, will you support a medical school in Kent?

Last week I called on the Government to support the building of a new medical school in Kent. Our county could benefit enormously from a medical school. We need more doctors locally, and Government plans to increase medical school places mean now is a golden opportunity.

The NHS and social care need to work together

NHS and Social Care organisations need to work together if we are to have better, more affordable and more sustainable healthcare. I made these points in a House of Commons debate, read what I said below or click to watch a video.

Mental health: Let's turn ambitions into actions

Mental illness affects everyone, from all backgrounds and all ages. One in four of us will experience a a mental health problem, so this is an issue that touches our families, our friends and our loved ones – all of us.

Have your say on healthcare

Health and social care services across Kent are changing. I want my constituents to get the best results from these changes – better care closer to home, for instance, as well as excellent hospitals.

Breast cancer: It's time for action

Too many women are still dying from breast cancer in the UK. This year alone around 11,500 women and 80 men will lose their lives. It’s time to act.

Kiln Court: Users WON'T lose out

People who rely on Kiln Court care home will NOT be left without the support they need when it closes in August.