Supporting our local NHS

Healthcare affects us all, whether we’re patients ourselves or our families and friends. As a parent, I make regular trips to the GP with my children and occasional visits to A&E too.

The major hospitals around this area are all in difficulties and many GPs are full to bursting, with patients queuing at 8am for appointments. The future of Faversham Minor Injuries Unit is uncertain (as I write).

Our local health services are not alone; GPs and hospitals around the country are struggling to cope. Although every year the NHS provides millions of people with excellent care, shocking cases have emerged where patients have been treated appallingly.

It’s easy to be critical but not necessarily helpful. I will champion our local NHS, work for good decisions and a fair share of funding. I use these services too. I want the NHS to provide excellent care to everyone who needs it.



Extra £3 million to tackle domestic abuse in Kent

Kent County Council is getting £3.1 million to provide support to victims of domestic abuse and their children.

This is part of a £125 million fund set up to support local authorities in England with their new obligations to support abuse victims.

Have your say on how to tackle violence against women

It’s a painful reality that violence and abuse against women and girls continues to be a problem in some parts of society.

I’m glad the Government is updating our Violence Against Women and Girls strategy to make sure we’re doing everything we can to end these crimes.

Coronavirus local contacts page

Councillors and volunteers are playing a crucial role in our response to the coronavirus.

I’ve been truly impressed at the scale and speed of the response here in Faversham and Mid Kent, from our County Council to parishes and community groups, charities and local businesses. 

New measures to tackle coronavirus in Kent

While I’m glad to see the national lockdown coming to an end, I know some people will be frustrated that the whole of Kent is going into Tier 3 as part of the new local restriction tiers.

Charities in Faversham and Mid Kent get funding boost

I’m glad that several local charities in Faversham and Mid Kent have received almost £140,000 from the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund.

Charities and volunteer groups are playing a crucial role in getting help to people who most need it during this pandemic.

National measures needed again to protect the NHS and save lives

This is a situation none of us wanted to be in, but we cannot wish it away.

We can’t ignore the rise in infections we’re seeing across the country, including in Kent. And we cannot ignore the pressure this is putting on our NHS hospitals and frontline services.

More support for council services in Kent

An extra £17.7 million is going to Kent County Council to support local services this winter.

The announcement last week means Kent has received over £138 million in extra funding from the Government since the pandemic began.