Standing up for Kent's farmers

Farming is important to Faversham and Mid Kent and makes a significant contribution to our local economy. From our famous fruit farms and large arable farms, sheep on the downs and marshes, to smaller scale dairy herds, hop growers, vineyards and organic producers, agriculture shapes our countryside - and it’s crucial to our tourism and food and drink industries.

I want to safeguard Kent’s future as the Garden of England.  This is important for our local economy and for national food security.  This clearly involves the Government taking some action, but we can all help too, by making sure we buy Kentish produce at the shops.


New report highlights potential of British fruit

I was delighted to welcome guests to Parliament on 10 September for the launch of a landmark report on the future of British fruit.

The White Paper from British Apples and Pears shows mow much progress has been made already and how much potential there is for this sector.

Seasonal agriculture workers' pilot scheme launched

A pilot scheme to enable non-EU migrant workers to work on British farms has launched today.

I've been arguing for years that fruit farmers need to know they will be able to hire the workers they need, whatever happens with Brexit. This is a step in the right direction.

Farmers need fruit pickers

With fields in my Kent constituency currently blanketed in snow—as is the case, I am sure, for pretty much all of us—the pleasures of summer strawberries and autumn fruits seem rather far off, but that is certainly not the case for our fruit and vegetable growers.