Standing up for Kent's farmers

Farming is important to Faversham and Mid Kent and makes a significant contribution to our local economy. From our famous fruit farms and large arable farms, sheep on the downs and marshes, to smaller scale dairy herds, hop growers, vineyards and organic producers, agriculture shapes our countryside - and it’s crucial to our tourism and food and drink industries.

I want to safeguard Kent’s future as the Garden of England.  This is important for our local economy and for national food security.  This clearly involves the Government taking some action, but we can all help too, by making sure we buy Kentish produce at the shops.


Cleaning up Faversham and Mid Kent

Litter can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the places we live.

Seeing litter on the side of roads or along footpaths doesn’t just look horrible, it’s also bad for the environment and can be devastating for wildlife.

Historic Agriculture Bill becomes law

Last week our historic Agriculture Bill passed into law.

This is a hugely exciting moment, not just for farmers, but for everyone who cares about our environment and the food we eat.

Kent wine production goes from strength to strength

I was delighted to congratulate family-run business, Wayfarers, on their award-winning wines.

The Ashford family planted their first vines on a south facing slope on the North Downs in 2016, near their family home in Hollingbourne.

Kent tips set to re-open

It’s good news that Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Kent will be opening again soon.

Tips across the country were closed in March as social distancing proved difficult to maintain.

Give a hand on the land

This year we need more British people to help bring home the harvest.

Kent produces some of the best fruit and vegetables around, but farms require thousands of seasonal workers to pick crops in our fields and orchards.

A better future for Platts Heath and Sandway

People in Platts Heath and Sandway have two good reasons to celebrate.

The site of a proposed lorry park is set to become a new woodland instead. This is great news for local residents and nature alike. 

More seasonal workers to support farmers

Farmers this year will be able to recruit more workers on a temporary basis from outside the EU.

I’m pleased the Government will be increasing the pilot Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme to 10,000 workers in 2020 – an increase from 2,500 workers last year.

A better future for nature in Kent

We all want to see nature thrive.

From turtledoves in the orchards around Selling, lapwings at the Graveney Marshes, to songbirds in the Weald – Kent is home to an astonishing range of wildlife and habitats.