Housing without harming the countryside

We need affordable housing for the next generation and development to boost growth and create jobs - but in the right places. I don't want to see the countryside concreted over and villages ruined.

My Aims

  • No development at Junction 8
  • Investment in infrastructure must keep pace with development

After the economy, the number one worry people have talked to me about on the doorstep is development. Hundreds of new houses are being built on the edges of villages like Harrietsham, Lenham, Langley and others. On the other hand, many young people are struggling to buy a home. People are living longer and living apart, and together with immigration this means we need more houses.

We must keep the numbers manageable, build in the right places and in the right way, invest in infrastructure like roads and schools, and make sure decisions are made locally. All in all, it’s about getting the balance right; we must look after what we’ve got and give the next generation the chance to own a home.


Say no to business park near Leeds Castle

I'm calling on councillors to stand by their decision to reject a 47,000sqm commercial development close to Leeds Castle and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

MBC rushing through controversial Junction 8 development

I’m outraged that Maidstone Borough is rushing through four controversial development proposals at short notice, just weeks ahead of the public inquiry into the Local Plan. It’s particularly unhelpful to do so just after the EU referendum, when many people will be preoccupied. 

Perry Court to go ahead

I am disappointed by Swale Borough Council's decision to approve the Perry Court development.

Maidstone Local Plan: My response

Hundreds of people attended a public meeting to discuss the Local Plan for Maidstone and I drew on the comments I heard on the night, along with the many emails and letters I have received, in drafting my own response to the consultation.