A greener and cleaner place to live

We have some beautiful countryside in Faversham and Mid Kent, from the rolling North Downs to the marshes around Faversham.

I will always stand up for Kent’s farmers, and work with all of our local land managers in helping to create an environment where nature can thrive.

I'm also helping to tackle the environmental challenges that matter most to local people – like cracking down on fly-tipping, cleaning up our rivers and waterways, and cutting air pollution.

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Protecting Graveney Marshes

I’m worried that plans for a solar farm will cover Graveney marshes, harming wildlife and changing the landscape beyond recognition. 


New plans to tackle fly-tipping

Seeing waste dumped on the side of roads or in the countryside is horrid.

Fly-tipping is a blight on communities across Faversham and Mid Kent, and I know the problem got worse at points during lockdown.

Action to tackle illegal hare coursing

Illegal hare coursing is a blight on rural communities, as local farmers know only too well.

The sight of tyre tracks through fields, broken gates, and damaged crops has sadly become all too common in the countryside.

Southern Water commits to investment in Faversham

Recently we’ve seen signs on beaches warning people not to swim and flooding in Faversham with some pretty grim things in the water.

I put these concerns directly to the CEO of Southern Water, Ian McAulay, when we met at Faversham’s Wastewater Treatment Works on Friday 12 November.

Historic Environment Bill becomes law

Work to protect and enhance our environment has taken a big step forward with the Environment Bill passing into law.

The Environment Act, as it is now known, is one of the biggest pieces of legislation ever to have gone through Parliament.

£2 million investment in Faversham Creek

The need for investment in our wastewater network is clearer than ever.

Over the summer we saw flood water pouring into peoples’ homes, and local beaches closed for swimming because of sewage ending up in the sea. This is completely unacceptable.

Cleaning up Faversham and Mid Kent

Litter can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the places we live.

Seeing litter on the side of roads or along footpaths doesn’t just look horrible, it’s also bad for the environment and can be devastating for wildlife.

Action on storm overflows

Improving the water quality of our rivers, waterways, and coastlines is so important.

They're a vital habitat for wildlife, places for recreation, and crucially a source of water which we all depend on.