A good school place for every child

Our children deserve the best education this country has to offer. 

My aims

  • Two new schools for Maidstone
  • A good school place for every child

New schools for Maidstone

We desperately need more school places in and around Maidstone. Some primary school children are already having to travel miles, and the situation is only going to get worse in the next few years.

I campaigned hard for more primary school places, and was very pleased when the Department for Education announced plans to open the Maidstone Primary School and Bearsted Academy on the Kent Medical Campus. The plans for these much needed schools were welcomed by the local community, in an area facing a serious shortfall in primary school places. 

My mission now is to get through the planning wrangles and get these schools open as soon as possible.

How is the Government supporting schools?

In parallel to the work on the funding formula, the Government has committed to the following:

  • School funding will rise to £43.5 billion in 2019-20
  • By 2019/20 every secondary school pupil will receive at least £4,800 and every secondary school will receive £3.500. Schools in Faversham and Mid Kent are getting a £6.4% increase in funding – that’s £2.7 million more.
  • Standards are rising, with nearly 10,000 more children now in good or outstanding schools



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A2 crossing chaos at Abbey school must end

I visited Abbey School at going-home time and it was quite clear that the bridge over the A2 is inadequate. Hundreds of children all need to cross the road at the same time and the bridge is too narrow. Quite apart from the fact that it’s impossible for anyone who can’t manage steps.

New money means Maidstone schools get the go-ahead

Children in Maidstone desperately need a new primary school and a special needs school to open as soon as possible – or there’s a real risk some could have to travel miles across the county every day.

Sharing the magic of reading at Platts Heath primary school

Jack and the Beanstalk is a story about planting magic beans and starting an adventure – it’s a great metaphor for reading. I saw first-hand how books can sow seeds of imagination in children’s minds when I visited Platt’s Heath Primary School a few weeks ago.

Local schools are running out of space

We are running out of space in local schools. So much for the aspiration for more children to walk to school; some parents are having to drive their children half way round Maidstone to reach their allocated primary school.

New school MUST open by 2019

Every child deserves the chance to go to a good school – and preferably a good school close to home. We have some fantastic local schools but with more school-age children, there’s increasing competition for places.

Two new schools for Maidstone!

I'm delighted that the Government has approved plans to open two new schools for children in Maidstone.

Government commits to fairer school funding

I am pleased that the Government is committed to providing excellent education opportunities for all our children, no matter where they live or what school they go to.