Better roads to keep Kent moving

Traffic isn't just annoying, it's holding Kent back. Our economy can't grow unless our infrastructure is up-to-scratch. 

With thousands of new houses planned for our area, pressure on the road network is only going to increase. It's vital that infrastructure keeps pace with development. Given that the vast majority of UK freight passes through Kent, this is a national problem not just a local one.

The Government is investing in roads, and I want to make sure Kent gets its fair share. In particular I want to see improvements to the M20, M2 and A2, as well as the Brenley Corner roundabout - which has been left almost completely unchanged since it was built more than 50 years ago. 

I’m making sure improving Kent's road network stays at the top of the Government’s agenda. 


We need to find a way forward on Stockbury junction

People are fed up of sitting in queues on the M2 Junction 5. The junction badly needs upgrading to cope with the volume of traffic.

Highways England came up with a plan to improve this junction last year, which had widespread support.

Brenley bottleneck needs fixing once and for all

I’ve stepped up calls to improve Brenley Corner.

Earlier this week I met the Roads Minister, Baroness Vere, to stress the need for improvement at this junction, which links the A2 with the M2.

An update on Brenley Corner

Efforts to improve Brenley Corner have been given a boost by the Minister responsible for roads.

Roads Minister, Baroness Vere, has said she recognises “the force of the case” about upgrading this junction. This is really encouraging.

Operation Brock is coming to an end

The barriers on the M20 will soon be lifted as the Government has confirmed that Operation Brock is being mothballed.

I know the barriers and speed restrictions have caused a lot of frustration, particularly to people who use the motorway to get to work.

Faversham is eager to go greener

We need to be ambitious about green transport in Faversham, but I’m worried Swale Borough Council are dragging their feet.

We’re still waiting for the two electric car charging points that were promised for the town in June.

Brexit funding boost for Kent

Councils in Kent will receive an extra £2.6 million in new funding to help prepare for Brexit. This is another step in making sure we’re ready to leave the EU on 31 October.