Ban lorry fly-parking

In parts of Kent, lorries fill every lay-by, line up on the hard shoulder of slip roads, crawl onto the verges of country lanes and tuck themselves away in housing estates. None of these places have facilities for drivers, so there’s littering and fouling of verges & hedges with human waste. Residents nearby are understandably upset, and it’s pretty bad for the drivers themselves.

Along with making sure there are enough parking spaces for lorries, we need drivers to actually use them. Though lorry drivers report their frustration at the lack of parking and facilities, some may still be tempted to park-up on the roadside for convenience or to save money. This means we need effective enforcement and meaningful penalties.



Fly-parking solution 'in three to five years'

The Government is developing a national plan to tackle HGV fly-parking, with more parking spaces in private truck stops in the next three to five years.

The announcement follows my campaign to ban lorries from parking in inappropriate places.

VIDEO Lorry parking: Government pledges action

Lines of lorries stacked on the hard shoulder of slip roads are a common site in Kent. For years it’s been a concern, but worst fears were realised last year when Susan Mellor, a 74-year-old mother from Maidstone, died after her car crashed into a lorry illegally parked by the M20.